Spaguetti with Eggs

The most traditional pasta of cookery. Curling the Spaghetti on the fork is a habit of savouring this cut of long yarns, round and thin wires in various places in the world, which you can also enjoy at home with the Spaghetti with Eggs Coroa!

Fusilli with Eggs

One of the most appreciated cuts in the world. The spiral shape causes the sauce to be absorbed by the curves of the Corkscrew with Eggs Coroa, wrapping it with flavour in each fork.

Penne with Eggs

Is named like Penne because its shape remember feather beak pens with a beveled tip. Inside, Penne with Eggs Coroa have grooves that allow the sauce to invade and spread inside it, creating gastronomic experiences of seasonings and textures that make it even more palatable.